I’m a product design and development expert who has built software products used by millions around the world. This is the most recent version of my personal blog, consolidating posts from several other sites and containing posts since around 2007. The original content, opinions and commentary here are mine alone and do not reflect those of my employer or anyone else.

I am currently the Senior Vice President and General Manager or Registrar Services at Rightside. You can read my professional bio on the Rightside web site. I live in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood.

You can also find me online at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Flickr and About.me.

Feel free to reach out and say hello.

5 thoughts on “about

  1. Might you know where I can access the software to a screenlife game? I bought my three-year old the Rudolf the Reindeer game from Amazon and the DVD doesn’t work and there is no support help since I have now learned the company is defunct. THis is so sad as it was the first Christmas without my father and I really wanted to come up with fun things for my mother and daughter to do over the holidays (Rudolf being my daughter’s favorite movie). There must be some software floating around that maybe could be sent to us and I thought you might know someone who could access that and send it to us.
    Thanks so much and best wishes to you.
    Catherine Cook


    1. As far as I know there is no where to get a replacement DVD. Screenlife Games was shut down by the parent company Paramount Pictures in 2012. Your best bet would be to find someone selling another copy of the Rudolf game on eBay, Amazon or another vendor. There is no more official stock as far as I know (I left Screenlife in September 2011) so a second hand copy might be your best bet.


  2. Hello Steve, I just came across this on-line: the wonderful story behind the photo on the cover of my new novel! Here is a little more back story: my publisher designed a beautiful (different) cover for the novel, but the beach wasn’t as rocky as it needed to be to represent the place in my book (a little spit of land on Buzzards Bay in Southeast MA). So I went on-line to look for photographs of rocky beaches and came upon yours, which I loved–for the shape of the shoreline, the composition, and yes, the rocks. I sent it to HarperCollins and the next thing I knew, they had designed the gorgeous cover. Thank you for taking the photograph. I’m glad it is having a second life!


  3. Thank you for following our little blog. It allowed me to find your excellent blog! Looking forward to your posts! If you have a second, please click this link: http://ctvr.us/sniffseattle. Vote for Sniff Seattle as ‘BEST Pet Sitting.’ Then click the back button and vote us ‘BEST Dog Walker.’ (I know, a shameless plug — but your vote really does help us!) Thanks so much. We appreciate you!


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