Flickr Friday: An Old Favorite

marblehead overlook

I took this picture in 1997, during my time in Boston for business school. It’s a scan from a slide of a series of photos around Marblehead, MA. Every time I see these old photos, including the one that became the inspiration for The End of the Point jacket cover, it reminds me of ocean breezes, warm summers and crisp fall days exploring New England.


An Emulated Commodore 64 Operating System for the Raspberry Pi

Steve Banfield:

the need equivalent of crossing the streams, the cheapest computer today emulating the computer I learned on as a kid

Originally posted on Hackaday:


It’s no secret that Commodore users love their old machines with the Commodore C64 being chief among them with 27 Million units sold worldwide. Speaking as a former Commodore Business Machines (CBM) engineer the real surprise for us is the ongoing interest and devotion to an era typified by lumbering 8 bit machines and a color palette consisting of 16 colors. Come to think about it, that’s the description of Minecraft!

Jump forward to today and it’s a generation later. We find that the number of working units is diminishing as age and the laws of entropy and physics take their toll.

Enter the Commodore Pi, an emulated Commodore 64 operating system for the Raspberry Pi. The goals of the project include an HDMI and composite compatible video output, SID based sound, Sprites and other notable Commodore features. They also plan to have hooks for more modern technology to include…

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Flickr Friday: Kings of New Orleans



UntitledI’m starting something new this week. I’ve talked a lot about my photography on this blog (here, here and here), but feel like I take a lot more pictures than I highlight. I try to bring a camera and take a picture as I travel and have gotten some good shots. To push myself to shoot, share and speak more about my photos I’m starting “Flickr Friday”.

Every Friday I’m going to select a photo from my Flickr photostream and share it here. I’ll give a litle background about where and when I took it and why I like it.

This photo from New Orleans seemed like a good place to start. I was walking down Bourbon Street with my Fujifilm X100s working on my discrete street photography when I snapped this photo outside one of the clubs. The camera was set to shoot in black and white and while I could have straightened the composition afterward, I think the off-angle look fit the subjects.

This is just the first Flickr Friday post so come back each week to let me know what you think. Feedbacks, critiques and ideas for new subjects always welcome.



Bus Safety Is A Concern

Steve Banfield:

There’s a theme here and I hope people are listening. This recent attack happened near there with the assailants using the bus for their getaway.

Originally posted on People of Pioneer Square:


“It’s really nice down here, I like the buildings and everything.

And, I live in Tacoma and have worked here two years.

The bus stop on 3rd and James isn’t safe.

They need to move it back where it was, and away from the missions.”

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The Mayor “Responds”

When I wrote my post on last weekend’s homeless attack in Pioneer Square, I wrote is as a letter to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. I mentioned that in addition to the post I would be sending a copy to his office. I followed through on that and today I got a response.

Actually I shouldn’t call it a response. It was an email from a staffer who had cut and pasted the text of the Mayor’s comments on the attack, and shot it back to me from a “no reply” email address.

Here’s the text of Mayor Murray’s statement:

Fire Department Chief Gregory Dean and I have discussed the unfortunate incident that occurred at Occidental Park over the weekend.

Our firefighters are often the first responders for homeless individuals in crisis, and a key measure of their performance is how they treat our most vulnerable residents.

And we hold Seattle firefighters to high standard: whether they are on duty or off, Seattle firefighters are expected to treat every member of the community with care and respect.

Regrettably, that did not happen in this case – and, for that, we both apologize.

I have instructed Chief Dean to work with the City Attorney Pete Holmes and Personnel Director Susan Coskey to identify an outside investigator to conduct a full review of what occurred. I have asked Police Department Chief Harry Bailey to analyze SPD’s response time after this incident was first called in. And I’m seeking the perspective of City Attorney Holmes and the labor relations department to assist Chief Dean in evaluating the disciplinary options he will need to consider.

I am also asking Chief Bailey for a review of the Police Department’s staffing in Pioneer Square during professional sports games to make sure we have the police presence required to prevent violent behaviors from breaking out, and to be responsive and timely when they do.

Over the years, Pioneer Square’s residents and businesses have asked for greater attention on public safety issues.

The unfortunate incident Saturday sheds light on this important request, and so over the next few weeks and months I will be meeting with businesses and social service providers in the neighborhood to work with them in ensuring that Pioneer Square is a safer and more welcoming environment for all people.

On one hand I understand. The Mayor calls for an investigation, a review of the response time, and a review of police staffing allocations in Pioneer Square. It’s just not enough.

Where’s the commitment for any follow up? You’re going to identify an outside investigator. Great. By when? When will you expect the investigation to be complete? Until then how will the Mayor’s office commit to keeping the public informed so that this doesn’t just fade away and everyone can see that the Murray administration has a real commitment to holding our public servants to a higher standard in their behavior? You’re going to review the discipline options? Does that mean it’s time for more “training” and less “discipline” as Chief Bailey has recently flipped on?

I am personally very disappointed in Mayor Murray’s response. I appreciate that the issues here are complex. Union contracts, as well as city and state laws, come into play around the punishment and dismissal of city employees who break the law when they are not on duty. I was just one witness to part of the incident and an investigation will be complex. It will take time and justice isn’t something that should be rushed.

Yet this response strikes me as just another circling of the wagons by the Murray administration around misconduct that should be punished, not winked at, and lacks the commitment we need from our city officials to public safety in Seattle’s historic and vibrant downtown.

I Like The Cobblestones

Steve Banfield:

“I take another one just up the street” because the Metro stop on Third Avenue and James Street isn’t safe. Would we tolerate this in Ballard or the University District? Why is that ok in Pioneer Square?

Originally posted on People of Pioneer Square:


“I live in Burien and have worked here two years.

The 3rd and James bus stop is not safe.

That stop takes me right to my house, but I will take another one just up the street

that drops me a mike and a half just bc I don’t feel safe.

Oh, and I like the cobblestones here.”

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