Medium Is Large

Last night I finally made my first post to Medium talking about the Sony hacking situation and their choice to shelve the movie The Interview in the face of hacker threats. At the same time I posted the same article to this blog.

Being both a curious geek for stats and enough of a narcissist to see if anyone was reading what I wrote, I just checked the traffic reads and views.


Right now when I’m posting to WordPress I get about 60 to 70 views and 40 to 50 visitors a day. I’ve been more active on the blog this week but the traffic has stayed pretty steady. No big spikes on WordPress and not a big audience (unless I’m writing about crime in the city).

In less than 24 hours on Medium my only story there has gotten 626 views and 418 “reads”! The breadth of the referral traffic on Medium is pretty good too with most of it coming from the Medium platform and less than 5% coming over to Medium from my WordPress blog.

I’m going to keep monitoring this. I don’t think Medium is the place for a post like this one but for those moments when I want to tell a serious story, I might just have to keep big on Medium.

Medium Is Large

Google’s ‘email killer’ Inbox just got even better

Steve Banfield:

I want to like Google’s Inbox compared to Dropbox’s Mailbox, but making it hard to actually delete an email vs archiving it and the lack of support for Google Apps accounts makes it really not ready to be my main mail client.

Originally posted on BGR:

Google on Thursday announced some very cool new features for its Inbox app, which has been called an “email killer” by several pundits. On its Gmail blog, the company detailed a new reminders feature that can sit atop the inbox in order to let users easily save and access “to-dos” for later. More than 20 pieces of information, dubbed “assists” can then further help with reminders, with Inbox also able to combine assists and learn from past experiences.

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Google’s ‘email killer’ Inbox just got even better